Evil Incarnate




Once an ambitious necromancer, Skowrón was consumed by evil when he tried to summon and control a demon using an Ancient Tome. He is now driven to revive the ancient ones and lead them upon the world. He has made the depths of a nearby mountain his headquarters and the "Spawn" which previously inhabited the caverns his minions, mostly goblinoids and animated constructs.

He possesses immense magical powers believed to be partially derived from his collection of skulls worn prominently about his waist. He uses these as a medium through which to cast his more powerful spells. When Skowrón directly engages an opponent (though he prefers to let his minions do it) he usually casts enlarge upon himself and primarily fights with spells seemingly stored within his staff. If things are going badly, he shifts to mist-form and flees…

Skowrón has a penchant for kidnapping travelers that wander to close to his lair. He occasionally sends his minions out to round up a few victims for his cruel experiments and as sacrifices to unknown demons.


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