...From Grace

...From Grace

The Story Thus Far...


"Nearly a hundred years of war had taken it's toll on many, including the Mith'Quessir. Though not directly their fight, their race as a whole suffered near genocide a millennia ago indirectly leading to the results of today. No it was not the Gray Elves fault, but their unwilling sacrifice that had spawned such evil in the realm, and many brave warriors chose to stand with the other races to end this blight…

Heroes Departure

And so too many had fallen…"

Amongst the fallen was Ǽl Windestone, one of last of the true Mith'Quessir, the Gray Elves. Ǽl is survived by his wife, Areanna; his two daughters, Alfirin & Shale. So too did they take in the young orphan Ivellios La-nea. A Taur'Quessir, Wood Elf, or more affectionately referred to as a WarThorn by the other races. He was their cousin and last of the NightWhisper Clan, he had lost both ontaros' (parents) to this horrible conflict.

Determined to avoid anymore loss, Areanna, aided by a family relic, The Mrigg'ondo or The Guidestone, and stories from her childhood. They gathered what they could, full well knowing they would never return, and set out in search of a better place, their ancient homeland, long ago abandoned for some forgotten reason. They would make a new start, a new home for themselves and their kin…

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