The Sentinels are an elite guardof Woodbourne elves. Given the threat of invasion that constantly looms, few roles are as critical to the defense of the forest as the sentinel. Sentinels perform patrol and guard duties across the great wood. Sentinel is an ancient title, its skills are rooted in ancient tradition from even before the time the Woodbounrne settled this land eons ago.

The Sentinels were established shortly after the War of the Ancients, and until recently all of its soldiers were Woodbourne, now a few Mith’Quessir (Grey Elves) have honorary positions within the ranks. They were created in order to protect the populace without the need for an outright army. Sentinels are elite archers and skirmishers, capable of doing tricks with the bow that few others can hope to match. Their ability to fight in the wilderness is equaled by none!

Sentinels are proficient with all simple and martial weapons and with light and medium armor. In addition, sentinels are proficient in the use of arrows as a melee weapon. As a class, it shares elements from archer, ranger, and rogue classes. Their hatred of the Shadow has also fueled their participation in the Darklight Conflict. Druids of the wild now strive to heal and restore the land, while sentinels keep their eternal watch for enemies both seen and unseen.

Sentinels are found in many Woodbourne villages, as well as among other races fighting the DarkLight Conflict. The other races in general refer to Sentinels as “The WarThorn”.

These warriors practice both the art of combat, as well as that of healing and life-giving. The Sentinels are considered the elite fighters among the Woodbourne. The Sentinels are comprised of elite archers, and a cavalry division known as the “Feral” who ride Gwyr Lynx.

  • Archers compose the first rank of the Sentinel army. These elves are expert marksmen and use the concealment to their advantage. Their lightning-quick ambushes are legendary, for few warriors can match the proud archers’ speed and cunning.
  • The Feral are the elite cadre of the Sentinel army. Drawing their strength from primal sources, these warriors majestic Gwyr Lynx’s into battle. They are strong and swift, and merciless to those who would stand in their way.


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